You probably arrived at this website because you are interested in online betting sites or more accurately, in the best betting web sites on the web? Well, oddly enough, this is exactly what prompted us into putting up this site. We are a couple of guys who are keen gamblers and both of us are quite technically minded but not very mobile, so this became a bit of a problem when we wanted to place our bets.

We figured that there are bound to many others in the same situation as us and they would be frustrated too,  that they could not indulge in their chosen pastime, gambling. We thought long and hard about this problem when we saw an advert on the TV about how building your own website was now so easy to do, I think it was 1and1, but I’m not sure now, anyway we both decided that we would give it a go.

So, basically what you now see here is our effort at bringing the best betting offers to people who, for whatever reason want to bet online as opposed to “going down the bookies” Lets face it, the weather is not too good and you feel a little lethargic but you fancy Man U to hammer City on Saturday, what to do? Well now I can tell you what to do, simply go to and place your bet, that’s what!

We hope you like our site and tell your friends and family about us, we do not just give people a chance to place sports bets, we also cater to those of us that like to partake in Casino games too, why not check out our casino page where you will find the top online casinos from around the wold, well Europe to be precise, you can get over £6k of bonuses just from the casino sites we have mentioned alone.

We intend to add further pages, possibly about Poker, Roulette and maybe even a page about Bingo (just to keep the fairer sex happy of course) Any way, we are glad that you took the time to read our “about” page and hope you found what you were looking for, Oh, and good look !!