PaddyPower, thanks to a huge presence in TV and internet advertising, remains one of the UK’s most popular online betting outlets. On visiting, it’s really not too hard to see why it stays that way.

paddypower screen shotPaddyPower’s main draw is, much like any of the main players, sports betting – and there is an absolutely huge selection for you to choose from. While current horse racing, football and golf tournaments are highlighted in a handy ‘quick play’ bar on the left-hand side of the page, should you wish to take a punt on cricket, UFC or even beach volleyball, there’s a comprehensive list of everything Paddy will let you place your bets on further down the left bar. There’s also the option for you to take chances of political and ‘novelty’ events, should you feel particularly brave.

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From a style perspective, PaddyPower is absolutely crammed with content all on one page – but it doesn’t suffer for it. Current ‘in-play’ odds are available down a wide stream centred in the middle of the page, while the aforementioned lists are handily cast to the left-hand side should you wish to bet on events a little further ahead of time. Promotions and features are colourfully highlighted on the right hand side, while other games are listed in short form at the very head of the page – as PaddyPower are first and foremost a bookmaker, it makes sense that casino games and other gambling are covered less on the site. However, this doesn’t mean that Paddy’s additional features should be overlooked.

In addition to one of the largest selections of sports betting available online, PaddyPower also boasts virtual poker, bingo, instant wins and a fantastic range of mobile-only games – meaning that while you’re waiting for your odds to come in, you can enjoy the odd multiline slot on the train home.

Like most online gambling sites, PaddyPower also offers a nice selection of promotional offers. First and foremost, the sign-up bonus grants you an extra £30 to play with free of charge providing you top up an initial £10 into your account. While, as always, terms and conditions will apply with sign-up bonuses, the small print is both refreshingly clear, and, helpfully, flexible enough to make the offer both enticing and worth your while.

PaddyPower also prides itself on a series of promotional offers which run alongside popular current events – for example, it’s not uncommon to see offers based on big sporting draws such as the FA Cup final, with which the site has offered a free £10 for you to bet with during the match on in-play odds providing you wager at least £20 before the match starts. There’s similar promotions that run alongside high-profile horse racing which will allow you to grab an extra bonus while the event takes place, providing you supply a deposit as investment beforehand. PaddyPower is keen to emphasise in-play betting as one of its main draws, with the central column of the main page focused on live events that you can jump into at any time and get betting on.

Essentially, PaddyPower has a lot of content, and the design and layout of the main site does a great job of highlighting current events and carefully side-lining the essentials so that you can access them when you need to. Its lack of confusing and time-consuming small print is, once again, extremely refreshing – and it’s clear that the site has a lot more in the way of casino and mobile gambling to offer than merely the odds that many may assume it dines out on. If you’re looking for obscure bets and the chance to get in mid-play on just about anything, Paddy should be at the very top of your list of sites to visit.