bet365 Review

Bet365 is one of the better-known gambling sites within the UK, with a name that emphasises betting at any time, and from anywhere. Certainly from visiting the website for the first time, it’s obvious to see that this is a brand which prides itself on flexibility and choice.

bet365 screen shotLike most gambling sites, bet365 offers a unique promotion to capture your interest before you even get to the main page. Unlike fellow betting extravaganzas like PaddyPower and William Hill, however, bet365 displays their current promotion on an opening splash page – this is a great way of allowing you to take advantage as a new gambler and for the necessary advertising to get itself out of the way before introducing you to the main features of the site itself. A lot of gambling sites can get bogged down in their sign-up and promotional bonuses, but Bet365 seems to do something rather unique here to lessen distraction in the main ‘hub’ of the site.

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And the main hub is pretty unique – while bet365 may not have the vast array of betting options available that PaddyPower boasts, what is there is presented logically and in smart, compact columns that allow you to navigate the site’s features without barely having to move your mouse. The screen is literally filled with content that appears to have been optimised for the browser – this means that it’s a very ‘fluid’ look, and one that allows a lot of interactivity. There are attractive on/off sliders for ‘Quick Bet’ and ‘In-Play’ options. There is the option to place bets on the main page without having to navigate elsewhere. There’s also very little in the way of description – it’s a very visual experience, one that clearly prides itself on being minimal enough to be used without confusion, but rich enough in options and content to be taken seriously.

bet365 is an absolute dream for the gambler that likes to keep their options open – there’s suggested ‘in-play’ betting available in one column, flanked by short form odds for forthcoming events that you’ll even be able to stream directly from the website itself. It appears that Bet365 is trying to emulate the experience of being in your local bookmakers, only condensing multiple TV screens and betting forecasts down into customisable columns and opt-in streams. Certainly compared to its rivals, the bet365 site not only appear’s to be user-friendly, but also appears to want to give its users the reins over their whole experience.

In terms of bonuses available, at the time of writing, bet365 offers an attractive ‘wager match’ sign-up promotion, whereby the website will happily match 100% of anything you deposit up to £200. Similar to promotions available elsewhere, this is subject to terms and conditions and wagering requirements – however, if you’re the type of player who is likely to spend more time playing your way through the legions of odd sheets and in-play options available, this type of bonus is likely to keep your interest for a considerable amount of time.

Bet365 is a versatile, smartly-built website that knows how to offer its users control in the right areas and provides a nice selection of online games, video slots and bingo alongside its main draw in live betting and streaming. As its ‘anytime, anywhere’ philosophy stands, it’s also one of the easiest online gambling providers to be able to take on the move via mobile phone or tablet. If you’re looking for a betting provider that has staying power, a lot of customisation and varied enough content to set it apart from the more streamlined competition, Bet365 is certainly worth a look.